Kunstkammer objects
Grimacing Goblet
Thomas Schweicker
winged glass
nautilus cup
Group of Scientifica
Group of Scientifica
Group of Scientifica
gothic mortar
Group of Scientifica
Court Coconut Cups
Figure Clock with Moor
Two amber altars
Exotic Mother-of-Pearl
Lapis lazuli tazza
Ecce homo
Renaissance Nautilus Shell
court spoon ivory
anatomical model Zick
Jan de Voss Medaille
Bergkristall Baminger
Anatomischer Schädel skull
retortuli glass
Sonnenuhr Johann Martin
Fux Madonna
Silver cup pear
Octogonal mortar
Augsburger Schmuckkassette
Snakeskin Silver Cup
Porcellain jug
narwhale ivory covered cup
pair of court fraimes
table sundial
pair of court fraimes
pair of court fraimes
masterpiece lock
treasures of wunderkammer
Melchior Paulus Relief
reverse glass painting
Court tazza in a leather case
A Moor as a wager-cup
Oval dish on a stem
Silver beaker in the form of a Berkemeyer glass
Small rock-crystal jugv
Memento Mori – St Magdalene
Renaissance Mortar with Life Casts
Amber court box and board
Adam and Eve in Paradise
Memento Mori Painting
Renaissance façade cabinet
Amber Wedding Cutlery for Maria Cloppenburg
Renaissance Mortar
Renaissance Vanitas Cabinet
Renaissance Covered Cup
Court Filigree Glasses
Turned Cup
Ivory relief
Rackets for the Pallone Game